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gecko feet
  • pies gecko
  • pies de gecko

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Geckos have become the unofficial mascot for biomimicry ever since the development of new adhesives and sticky pads inspired by the mechanics of gecko feet.
This is the first time though that researchers have been able to successfully replicate the self-cleaning properties as well as mimicking the attachment strength of gecko feet.
Nasa is looking at robotic versions of gecko feet to attach sensors and other instruments onto and inside satellites.
Why not use the fantastic properties of gecko feet to make something everyone needs: tape?
The gecko feet inspired him to investigate a repositionable, "smart" adhesive, and the lotus leaf inspired the notion of glass that repels water and dirt.
Autumn highlighted the diversity among gecko feet by magnifying and color-adjusting close-up photos he took of the toes of several kinds of gecko.
Gecko feet self-clean thanks to lateral friction contact, meaning as their toes drag over a surface, large dirt particles are removed.
The strong-yet-gentle grip of gecko feet has inspired the design of medical adhesives for use on delicate skin.
There's lots of ongoing scientific research into gecko feet, because the creatures can adhere to almost any kind of surface, making them fantastic climbers.

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