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gem lettuce
  • lechuga gema
  • gema lechuga

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A little gem lettuce, cut into quarters, makes a tasty side dish when stir-fried with a handful of peas and a small onion.
Next to arrive was the charred squid, which came with finely diced chorizo, roasted garlic and charred leaves of little gem lettuce.
And when you're working with stronger flavours, such as roasted vegetables, and mushier textures, reach for crunchy, mild greens such as gem lettuce and romaine.
Serve in little gem lettuce leaves or on toast fingers.
Separate and wash baby gem lettuce leaves, then toss with dressing and top with watermelon.
Cut your baby gem lettuce in half and char flat side down to get the marks.
In addition to the tomatoes and citrus fruit, herbs, such as parsley and dill, and spinach and little gem lettuce which the wholesaler sells are in high demand.
To serve, drizzle the extra virgin olive oil over the ceviche and use the gem lettuce leaves or tortilla chips to scoop it up and enjoy.
Little gem lettuce has chunky leaves that can be broken into pieces.
As a starter, the coal-fired peri-peri prawns with avocado, lime and gem lettuce is my recommendation.

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