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gender barrier
  • barrera de género

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She vowed to break the gender barrier and pursue her dream of bull riding.
The brigade is determined to do away with the gender barrier and age-old patriarchal tradition, using democratic means to achieve its goal.
Theirs is a love story that is not just taboo, but breaks the gender barrier and is a social stigma in a conventional society.
Break the gender barrier... just don't think about crossing the border.
But it will take some effort to bring down the gender barrier.
The feminism in the novel is subsumed in this liberalism, its leitmotif, for which it recommends itself not just as a feminist work and transcends the gender barrier.
But they say breaking a gender barrier is far from their minds.
They know no race, age or gender barrier - 50% of those affected are children and 30% of them sadly don't live to see their 5th birthday.
Wickenheiser was one of the first women to break the gender barrier that can greatly influence women in sports.
Should fate conspire, she will break the gender barrier this year.

Context sentences for "gender barrier" in Spanish

EnglishThe report of Marc Tarabella clearly emphasises the greatest barrier to gender equality.
El informe del señor Tarabella hace claramente hincapié en el mayor obstáculo que dificulta la igualdad entre los géneros.

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