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gender consideration
  • consideración de género

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Including more women on decision-making teams, it is assumed, will automatically integrate gender considerations into policy.
Beyond the gender consideration you might ponder how many have been willing to step up to the mark.
The nominees were carefully selected on the basis of federal character, seniority, gender consideration, minimum of 30 months of service before retirement and competence.
The community operated a mixed-gender age grade system, and recognition, reward, and status were not informed by gender consideration but mainly by merit.
In addition to all these challenges, female athletes are further disadvantaged by virtue of gender considerations.
A growing body of research documents the need to include gender considerations in research.
In agricultural projects, gender considerations all along the value chain from inputs to consumption.
The contenders have been trying to assemble cross-national coalitions that balance regional, ideological, and gender considerations.

Context sentences for "gender consideration" in Spanish

EnglishOur humanitarian and health programmes take into consideration the gender violence they mentioned, both from a creative and awareness-raising perspective.
Nuestros programas humanitarios y en materia de salud tienen en cuenta la violencia de género, desde una perspectiva creativa así como de sensibilización.
EnglishBut we must also take the gender question into consideration.
Efectivamente, si bien se trata de trabajar por una representación o por un gobierno más democrático, estable, etc., se trata también de tomar en consideración la cuestión del sexo.

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