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gender distinctions
  • distinciones de género

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Even if you believe that love emerges from difference rather than a desire to erode gender distinctions, the bravery of their undertaking is undeniable.
They challenged a world of clear class and gender distinctions, lingering imperial memories, and patriarchal government.
Gender distinctions have become almost inconsequential.
Once people become students the gender distinctions fall away and obvious qualifications come forward.
The production is an experimental project written as a critical response to violence against women and the patriarchal structures that promote gender distinctions.
She tries to explain away racial antagonism, saying it has its basis in nothing other than gender distinctions and will disappear when the gender crisis resolves.
Prabha agrees this shows an evolution in the perception of theatre people where such class and gender distinctions are no longer adhered to.
In making gender distinctions, researchers were 93 percent accurate.

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