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The gender distribution of the facilities indicated that there were more male beneficiaries of the bank's micro credit funds than females in 2015.
When we consider the gender distribution of this population, we note that women comprise about 50% of the total.
Should we insist on an equal gender distribution?
The current gender distribution on the boards of listed companies is not satisfactory.
Sanusi also disclosed that by next week, the apex bank, would issue a circular, directing all commercial banks to publish the gender distribution in their institutions.
While deficit of blood has hit needy patients and relatives in hospitals, a stark disparity in gender distribution of blood donation has compounded the problem.
Aggravating factors might include personality differences, gender distribution, size of the family and age gap.
Results were weighted to reflect the actual age and gender distribution in each region.
Age and gender distribution of patients who sustained long bone fractures.

Context sentences for "gender distribution" in Spanish

EnglishGender is relevant because gender relations affect the distribution of, and access to, resources, work, income and power.
El género es importante porque las relaciones de género influyen sobre la distribución de los recursos, del trabajo, de la renta y del poder, y sobre el acceso a ellos.
EnglishWe do not reject participation by women in the labour process, but an enforced gender distribution according to numbers does not do justice to reality.
No somos contrarios a la participación de las mujeres en el proceso laboral, pero una distribución de género obligatoria de carácter numérico no se ajusta a la realidad.
EnglishWe reject the approach as outlined in Recital I which states: 'whereas gender stereotyping in advertising thus echoes the unequal distribution of gender power'.
Rechazamos el planteamiento expuesto en el considerando J, que afirma: "considerando que la publicidad, al vehicular estereotipos de género, se hace eco de una relación de fuerzas desigual".

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