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An equally significant form of struggle against inequality, however, lies in its pursuit of gender equity.
It should be a proud day for the school and without question another step forward in terms of gender equity.
The bill also says schools must support student clubs that promote anti-racism, gender equity and respect for people with disabilities.
These included energy, economic growth, education, health, gender equity and good governance.
That's because the report, out today, summarizes the findings of eight major gender equity studies of the past decade.
There are policies on inclusiveness of people with disabilities and on gender equity, but there is virtually nothing to address inclusiveness of people over 50.
Concerns were expressed about the increase in gender equity and area representation as well why the vote was publicly recorded.
This is particularly the case where interventions aim to influence changes in men's and women's behaviour for gender equity.
This issue, the paper notes, is not just a gender equity problem.

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