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gender oppression
  • opresión de género

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If these men make more money, therefore, it is an expression of a natural difference and not of gender oppression.
In stark contrast to previous decisions, the court thankfully avoided any argument that the veil was a symbol of gender oppression.
Ironically, it's the courage and wit of ordinary girls that masks the grinding evil of gender oppression.
We hear the anguished voices of women, victims of gender oppression.
An all-inclusive package to fight "evil corporations", "apartheid", "racism", "militarism", "gender oppression" -- or any other perceived discriminations.
In other words, we argue that every religion is historically an ideology of, among other things, gender oppression.
Forty years later it is women who are now instrumental in raising consciousness about race and gender oppression, and who are at the forefront of mobilisation around gender-based violence.
We are celebrating one of the liberation movements that came to understand that our revolution must defeat three interrelated and antagonistic contradictions - of national oppression, class exploitation and gender oppression.
Gender oppression is certainly embedded in the church, but we're all too easily diverted from the power of age.

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