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gender perspective
  • perspectiva de género

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A review of institutional behaviour, such as use of language, practices, environment and so on, from a gender perspective.
Although previous research has examined "teaching" from a gender perspective, male teachers' linguistic behaviour -- how they interact with the children they teach -- remains largely ignored.
Developing alternatives to this agricultural model requires incorporating a gender perspective.
Gender budgeting is a statement disclosing allocations made with a gender perspective.
Gender is an aspect that should be mainstreamed in every sector in order to have a nation which respects human rights with a gender perspective.
Hence, she doesn't feel disadvantaged in any way, and the works that appeal to her are also not viewed from a gender perspective.
I once drafted a caption for a cartoon in which a feminist had devised a computer program to "examine gravity from a gender perspective".
It wasn't very hard to find panels about diversity from a gender perspective, race perspective, or aging in technology perspective.
The programme highlights essential entrepreneurial skills from a gender perspective, whether applied to starting or improving an individual, family or group business.
We need to catalyse alliance, knowledge sharing, commitment, innovations, actions and financing to address the nexus between food security and water from a gender perspective.

Context sentences for "gender perspective" in Spanish

EnglishGender equality and the gender equality perspective would be enhanced.
La igualdad de género y la perspectiva de igualdad de género se verán reforzadas.
EnglishThe gender perspective has definitely become more important at an international level.
La perspectiva de género definitivamente ha adquirido mayor importancia a escala internacional.
EnglishBoth integrate the gender perspective and the programme will support transitional activities.
Ambas integran la perspectiva de género y el programa apoyará las actividades transitorias.
EnglishThe main reason is the lack of a clear and unambiguous gender equality perspective.
La razón principal reside en la ausencia de una perspectiva clara e inequívoca sobre la igualdad de género.
EnglishIt is essential to take account of the gender perspective when drawing up and applying health policies.
Es esencial incluir la perspectiva de género en la elaboración y aplicación de las políticas sanitarias.
EnglishThe integration of the gender perspective is promoted during the various stages of implementing the Fund.
Durante las diversas fases de aplicación del Fondo se promueve la integración de la perspectiva de género.
EnglishWhat is needed is an updated reading of the Lisbon Strategy to include a gender perspective.
Lo que se necesita es una interpretación actualizada de la Estrategia de Lisboa para que incluya la perspectiva de género.
EnglishWe wanted to see a clearer gender perspective.
Hubiéramos deseado ver una perspectiva de género más clara.
EnglishWhat does exist is mainstreaming a gender perspective in the discussion of fundamental rights.
Lo que sí existe es la integración de la dimensión de la igualdad de oportunidades en el debate sobre los derechos fundamentales.
EnglishThirdly: the gender perspective.
EnglishThe European Union must therefore include the gender perspective in all studies and laws that concern the Roma.
La Unión Europea, por lo tanto, debe incluir la perspectiva de género en todos los estudios y leyes que se refieran a la población romaní.
EnglishIt is essential to take account of the gender perspective when drawing up and applying health policies.
Por lo tanto, el hecho de que las mujeres reciban un trato discriminatorio en varios sistemas sanitarios es algo que simplemente no podemos aceptar.
EnglishThere is no gender perspective.
EnglishI voted for this resolution, as we must develop further the perspective of gender equality throughout the European Union.
He votado a favor de la revolución, ya que debemos seguir desarrollando la perspectiva de la igualdad de género en toda la Unión Europea.
EnglishThe correlations between migration and the slave trade in this regard must, above all, be examined from a gender perspective.
Las correlaciones entre inmigración y comercio de esclavos a este respecto deben examinarse, sobre todo, desde una perspectiva de género.
EnglishIt is important for us to allow officials to continue with their further training on the integration of the gender equality perspective.
Es importante que permitamos a los funcionarios seguir formándose en materia de integración de la perspectiva de igualdad de género.
EnglishWe voted against this resolution as we believe that having a gender perspective in civilian and military missions is not enough.
He votado en contra de esta resolución porque creemos que no basta con adoptar una perspectiva de género en las misiones civiles y militares.
EnglishIt is a matter of introducing the perspective of gender into the conception, implementation and followup of these policies and these actions.
Se trata de introducir la perspectiva de género en la concepción, aplicación y seguimiento de esas políticas y de esas acciones.
EnglishI would also like to draw your attention to the need to include the mainstreaming of the gender perspective during the preparation of all the proposals.
Asimismo quisiera destacar la necesidad de integrar la perspectiva de género en la elaboración de todas las propuestas.
EnglishThe gender perspective that underpins the text is to be welcomed, as it is often women who are the victims of human trafficking.
La perspectiva de género que sustenta el texto merece nuestro respaldo ya que las mujeres son, frecuentemente, víctimas de la trata de seres humanos.

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