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gender preference
  • preferencia de género

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Becoming a software engineer has no gender preference.
There was no gender preference, there couldn't have been.
When it came to farm chores, her father showed no gender preference.
Yes, boys are being preyed on too, as lascivious, lusty libido has no gender preference.
The program also explores how this plays out in families from a culture where there is a hierarchical or gender preference.
Their family accepts all people, no matter their race or gender preference, which is a really important thing for everyone to know in a politically correct world.
That same regime should apply when government discriminates based on gender preference.
The schools initially fought an early version of the bill that would have subjected them to civil litigation if they discriminated based on gender preference.
Parents who raise children with different gender preference, and political worldviews and religious comfort zones.
This scene has something for every gender preference.

Context sentences for "gender preference" in Spanish

EnglishNo preference on gender grounds was shown towards a man.
No se mostró preferencia alguna hacia un hombre por motivos de género.

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