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gender-related issues
  • cuestiones relacionadas con el género

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Audience possibly does not connect that well with issues like organic farming, alcoholism and untouchability than with gender-related issues.
This can not happen without a gender forum to deal specifically with gender-related issues, particularly in the context of leadership.
Some cultural practices, which include patriarchy, breed gender-related issues.
Women need strong voices to champion legislation on gender-related issues at the parliament because they drive such legislation with unparalleled passion and commitment.
Anila's work explores socio-cultural and gender-related issues within contemporary society.
While the fight for accessible education is being waged by young women and men, women have not allowed gender-related issues to fade into the background.
This portal monitors and reports on gender-related issues in the media.
White credited the women's team for raising "broader concerns about gender-related issues on our campus," and said the university will address those concerns.
The bank will employ women, lend mostly to women and "address gender-related issues, empowerment and financial inclusion", he said.

Context sentences for "gender related issues" in Spanish

EnglishThe training of men in all aspects of gender-related issues would also be of real help to the situation.
También sería una eficaz ayuda la formación de los hombres en todo lo que se refiere a cuestiones de género.
EnglishOne of the consequences of this approach is a need to train our colleagues who take part in delegations on gender-related issues.
Una de las consecuencias de este planteamiento es la necesidad de impartir formación sobre cuestiones relacionadas con el género a aquellos de nuestros colegas que participan en las delegaciones.
EnglishThe EU Health strategy, adopted three years ago, already signalled the need to take gender-related issues into account in health policy making.
La Estrategia Sanitaria Europea, adoptada hace tres años, ya ponía de relieve la necesidad de tener en cuenta las cuestiones de género en la elaboración de las políticas sanitarias.

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