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gender relations
  • relaciones de género
gender relationships
  • relaciones de género

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For what it's worth, in my limited experience, these are often the same folks who insist on puritanical rigidity in gender relations, domestically.
Her own professional interests are in gender relations, equity and social justice.
Paradoxically, however, pathways that transform cities into more equitable, just spaces simultaneously may become critical catalysts to create transformation in gender relations.
Community attitudes to violence against women are an important barometer of gender relations.
Many of the speakers spoke about intersectionality in the context of gender relations.
It can exist merely to expose a problem involving gender relations.
Past experiences tell us that gender relations ought to be reconfigured during conflict, not in the aftermath.
There needs to be more engagement of boys and men in discussions on gender relations.
She writes about motherhood, gender relations, social and political theory and psychotherapy in both scholarly and popular fora.
It is that special time of year when instances of marital violence increase by one-third and gender relations revert to 1957.
The group has demanded dismantling of the discriminatory anti-male laws and increased accountability of the government to look into adequate promotion and protection of rights of men in gender relationships.
Unequal gender relationships and weak negotiating power influence contraceptive use.
Both agree on domestic social policy: insure women having control of their own bodies; legalize all gender relationships; legalize marijuana.
It is a character study that challenges views on gender relationships, and the ideas around what it means to be alive.
These deprivations are linked strongly to patriarchal social norms and attitudes that impede equitable gender relationships within households.
It's not to say that poor people are sexist, although conditions of social inequity can generate unhealthy gender relationships.
Relegating the important transformation of gender relationships between men and women to a single ministry of women, children and people with disabilities is an insult.
Nevertheless, the transformation in men's attitudes toward gender relationships has arguably been every bit as revolutionary as that of women, although it began later.
I'm not against bisexuals and same gender relationships but this is kind of awkward.
This initiative helps men to better understand and appreciate women's experiences, thus changing perspectives, helping to improve gender relationships and decreasing the potential for violence.

Context sentences for "gender relations" in Spanish

EnglishGender is relevant because gender relations affect the distribution of, and access to, resources, work, income and power.
El género es importante porque las relaciones de género influyen sobre la distribución de los recursos, del trabajo, de la renta y del poder, y sobre el acceso a ellos.

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