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gender stereotype
  • estereotipo de género

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If parents (like myself) are more focused on their child's happiness and don't bother about the gender stereotype of their child's toys, then so be it.
It's interesting to see that the gender stereotype of majors can indeed go both ways.
This difference may appear to confirm the gender stereotype of men being more reluctant than women to elicit assistance.
That is against the gender stereotype that casts women as warm, communal, nurturing, cooperative and caring.
The bias shown in the new study reflects the gender stereotype that girls and women can not do maths.
Because the idea that men and women have different playing styles is a gender stereotype, and this stereotype exerts a largely unconscious effect on selection decisions.
You're expounding a gender stereotype (women as airheads who over spend) while simultaneously failing to do justice to the complexities you claim to acknowledge.
And if we must gender stereotype, lots of men are not comfortable with it.
Once the women are introduced, the show goes on to aggressively assert every damaging gender stereotype imaginable.
The key is your lack of cultural baggage, gender stereotype expectations, etc.

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