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All these ethnic studies, gender studies, most of the humanities, a good chunk of the social sciences, it's all gone down the postmodern rabbit hole.
Elsewhere, cuts have been made to peace and conflict studies, history, gender studies, philosophy and many languages.
Her passions in reading are psychology, philosophy, spiritual transformation, gender studies, and social and economic justice.
Gender studies, in particular, have received much scholarly input from across the globe.
Similar statements have been released from faculties of philosophy, women and gender studies, history, and others.
For them, men are just as important in gender studies.
If all these men who are writing here, became academics and made sense of their theories, that mind end the feminist control of gender studies.
They have also demanded that courses should be started on male studies, like women studies or gender studies are taught at some universities.
Her attacker was a liberal arts student who took a gender studies course.

Context sentences for "gender studies" in Spanish

EnglishThe European Union must therefore include the gender perspective in all studies and laws that concern the Roma.
La Unión Europea, por lo tanto, debe incluir la perspectiva de género en todos los estudios y leyes que se refieran a la población romaní.
EnglishStudies on gender-based violence estimate that 20-25% of all women in Europe have experienced physical acts of violence at least once during their adult lives.
Los estudios sobre la violencia de género estiman que del 20 al 25 % de todas las mujeres europeas ha sufrido actos de violencia física al menos una vez durante su vida adulta.

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