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gender theory
  • teoría de género

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And remarks he made about "gender theory" to the authors of a newly published book puts another mark in the minus column for this mixed-record pontiff.
Behind this backpedalling has been vociferous lobbying by parents against the introduction of this so-called "gender theory" into educational establishments.
But it is another thing to teach it, gender theory, in schools along these lines in order to change mentality.
The campaign's widespread media coverage gave it big visibility and introduced "gender theory" as an important element of public debate.
The only "new" thing in the programme was the notion of gender, or "gender theory".
In being dismissive of gender theory, he quietly ignores 60 years or more of research and clinical practice conducted by mental health professionals.
The rugby lads were re-educated in gender theory.
If you want to be a proponent of radical, extremist, left wing gender theory, that's your call.

Context sentences for "gender theory" in Spanish

EnglishEveryone wants gender balance in theory, but finds a pretext to fail to deliver it in practice.
Todos quieren un equilibrio de género en teoría, pero encuentran un pretexto para no hacerlo en la práctica.
EnglishWe are completely opposed to the theory of gender equality and to all of the requirements based on this mistaken approach to human society.
Nos oponemos por completo a la teoría de la igualdad entre los sexos y a todos los requisitos basados en este enfoque equivocado de la sociedad humana.

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