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gendered nature of
  • naturaleza de género de

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About 50 per cent reported that the husband took part in deciding what to cook, highlighting the gendered nature of household chores.
However, the challenge is bigger than just the lack of women in leadership: we need to ask questions of the gendered nature of leadership.
In other countries the gendered nature of children's toys is increasingly recognised as a contributing factor to the problem of male violence.
It is an attempt to generalise domestic violence so that some inconvenient truths about the gendered nature of this crime can be swept under the carpet.
Once in the workforce, they find that women are paid significantly less than their male counterparts, which in turn reinforces the gendered nature of social and family life.
Plus, given the gendered nature of the legacy, questions arise about the way women become invisible within certain sporting contexts yet are made visible in other spheres of consumption.
Research confirms the gendered nature of domestic violence, and shows the urgent need to address attitudes of gender inequality, which we know are still prevalent across younger generations.
The language commonly used to describe male violence is itself watered down- named domestic violence, family violence- terms that fail to identify the gendered nature of this violence.
When the media use passive language, the gendered nature of men's violence against women is softened or made non-existent.

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