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gene cluster
  • cúmulo genético
  • grupo genético

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Enzymatic products of this gene cluster endow the organism with the ability to withstand high concentrations of the toxic gold chloride.
Although the gene cluster is present in acorn worms and humans, it is missing from insects, octopuses, earthworms and flatworms.
This delay was attributable to a pattern of heavier smoking among those with the high risk gene cluster.
We then used chemical knowledge to narrow this further to a single gene cluster.
One family contained a gene cluster unique to deuterostomes, linked to feeding and breathing in acorn worms.
One gene cluster connected with the development of the pharynx in vertebrates and acorn worms is particularly interesting.
Disruptions to one or other of this gene cluster leads to distinctive mutations in which legs develop in place of antennae, for instance, as pictured here.

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