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gene defect
  • defecto genético

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Although just 20 people are thought to have the condition worldwide, it is of interest because the cause has been pinpointed to a single gene defect.
Caused by a single gene defect, most of the children with this disease do not reach adulthood.
Brain scientists know the gene defect that causes the syndrome and understand the damage it does in misshaping the brain's synapses -- the connections between neurons.
The aim was to correct the gene defect that causes the blood disorder beta-thalassaemia and non-viable embryos, which couldn't have resulted in live birth, were used.
Identifying the causative gene defect allows for genetic counseling of the family and for preventive measures to be taken.
But not all those with psoriasis have this gene defect, he said.
Gene therapy in mice appears to be able to "correct" a gene defect strongly linked to depression in people.
Currently it is believed to originate from some complex combination of a virus and gene defect(s), perhaps in association with such environmental factors as sunlight and cigarette smoke.
Computational analysis of the response patterns linked the different antimalarial drug candidates and metabolic inhibitors to the specific gene defect.

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