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gene evolve
  • gen evolucionan
  • evolucionar gen

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It shows how post are changed, forwarded and shared, evolving over time in a manner similar to the ways human genes evolve.
The data also reflect how languages and genes evolve differently, for instance among isolated populations.
Until now, many scientists have assumed that the more challenging an animal's environment, the greater the pressure to adapt and the faster its genes evolve.
This finding by the researchers overturns theories that have suggested that the gene evolved in dogs in more modern times as humans bred them to bring about many more breeds.
This gene evolved to have several mutations unique to the human evolutionary lineage.
Health-care professionals theorize that a fat-hoarding thrifty gene evolved in humans as a response to cycles of feast and famine in ancient times.
The gene evolved to help its hosts survive tough times by gorging during periods of plenty.
Once these genes evolve, they don't stay put.
As the technology to manipulate genes evolved, the biotechnology industry boomed, with many applications in agriculture, pharmacology and even industry.
This might provide further insights into disease resistance by explaining how immune genes evolve in other vertebrates, in particular reptiles.?

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