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gene flow
  • flujo génico
  • flujo genético

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Religion and race were powerful deterrents to gene flow.
These same populations have also evolved barriers to gene flow.
Loss of habitat leads to reduced gene flow and population isolation.
Gene flow happens over generations, and can't be detected using data from satellite collars that stay on bears for short stretches of time.
As expected, gene flow between the three populations was very restricted.
Pollen has been detected up to 1km from such crops but gene flow was limited to 30-50m for ryegrass and 150m for tall fescue.
I wonder how the gene flow will perpetuate long-term.
Similar principles apply when it comes to gene flow for wind pollination and insect pollination.
On the related issues of gene flow, contamination and the growth of super weeds, the response so far has been unscientific.
It turned out that gene flow over long distances was correlated with highways and bodies of water.

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