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gene pathway
  • vía génica
  • vía genética

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One gene pathway (the p53 pathway), which regulates programmed cell death, was found to be less expressed in acne sufferers' skin.
One gene pathway (the p53), which regulates programmed cell death, was also found to be less expressed in acne sufferers' skin.
Next, to ask which biological functions were enriched among marine-accelerated genes, they searched databases of gene pathways and mutant phenotypes.
Gene pathway that allows virus to move from one cell to the next could be future drug target.
Five-cup drinkers, a little much for most people, had extremely low levels of activity in the gene pathways.
Regulation of gene pathways has profound implications for human disease.
The researchers also examined gene expression in pre-existing skin biopsies from the same twins to identify possible gene pathways linked to acne.
The team suspected that variations in a gene pathway controlled by the tumor suppressor gene p53 could have both positive and negative effects on human health.
Further work is required to consider if certain gene pathways may provide a base for useful interventions.
Or what developmental gene pathways were changed to allow for it?

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