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gene variation
  • variación génica
  • variación genética

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Carriers of the gene variation showed significantly more activity in a region of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and evaluating both pleasure and threat.
In particular, it shows an association between a gene variation and short telomeres (which have a known association with ageing).
Scientists have unlocked part of the secret to youthful looks by identifying a gene variation which is linked to how old people are perceived to be.
They believe the gene variation slows down the body's processing of caffeine, inducing those with the variant to drink less.
If both parents have the same gene variation, there is an increased risk of having a child with a genetic condition.
Matching this data with the children's genotype, researchers found that the effect of breastfeeding on visual preferences was significant only in the babies who carried the risk gene variation.
Children with leukemia are commonly tested for a gene variation for the enzyme that breaks down drugs called thiopurines.
The researchers said it is not clear how this gene variation and wheezing interact to increase the risk of developing asthma.
For these medications, when the liver enzyme does not work properly because of a gene variation, the drug can not be converted into its active form.
Those without the gene variation tend to metabolise caffeine faster, and are more likely to keep reaching for extra cups throughout the day.

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