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general admission
  • admisión general

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General admission tickets -- limited to the over 21 set -- are $100.
General admission tickets are $15 and permits the ticket holder to participate from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
General admission tickets are $17.70 and would need to be purchased at the door.
General admission tickets are $59 each with children aged 12 years and under getting in for free with a parent.
General admission tickets are now on sale with both day passes and full season passes available online.
General admission tickets: $51 or $56 the day of the show.
The price is ten dollars for general admission; you can purchase online (lacma.org), or call 323 857 6010.
Tickets are $15 for general admission, $12 if you dress as a zombie.
Tickets start from $10 for general admission, with children under 15 free.
Tickets are $25 for general admission and $15 for students and seniors over 65.

Context sentences for "general admission" in Spanish

EnglishBy general admission, the improvement of energy efficiency is the fastest, most sustainable and most economical way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.
En principio, se admite que la mejora de la eficacia energética es la manera más rápida, sostenible y económica de reducir las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.

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