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general assumption
  • suposición general

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I think the general assumption is that all the abs really need are a few crunches.
Second, the general assumption is that the university's third mission is exhausted in the construction and maintenance of partnerships with business and government.
The general assumption is that black swans are rare.
The general assumption is that milk teeth fall and new permanent teeth will grow, so why bother.
The general assumption is that such initiatives can help address environmental issues by providing usable knowledge to policy and decision makers.
The general assumption is that there are three-tiers of government, federal, state and local governments.
The general assumption is that young kids lack the faculties to comprehend a topic as seemingly esoteric as programming.
It flows from the general assumption that houses of assemblies are rubber stamps; whatever they do is the dictates of government.

Context sentences for "general assumption" in Spanish

EnglishThere is a general assumption that we want to maintain and improve relationships at all levels in the United States - the administration and the Congress.
Se da por sentado de forma general que queremos mantener y mejorar la relaciones en todos los niveles con los Estados Unidos: el Gobierno y el Congreso.
EnglishThere was a general assumption that, even while Yugoslavia was far from being a democracy, it was best to overlook the flaws because the alternatives were worse.
Se asumió de forma general que, incluso cuando Yugoslavia estaba lejos de ser una democracia, era mejor pasar por alto los defectos porque las alternativas eran peores.

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