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general characteristics
  • características generales

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Area deprivation is an indicator of the general characteristics of the people who live in the area in which participants live.
Distortion, which is used in art as an expressive technique, is where the artist deviates from the general characteristics of natural forms.
This is not to say that spy buildings don't share some general characteristics.
In all honesty, we should be creating something so spectacular that every viewer shares it with their contacts immediately -- regardless of their age, gender or other insignificant general characteristics.
These share general characteristics including difficulty paying attention, excessive activity, and difficulty controlling behaviour.
It was also typical of the general characteristics that have become the standard with this team: battle-hardened, gritty and tough.
They say there are three general characteristics that usually go along with leaving out the word that from a sentence.
A handy overview table is also provided, showcasing reviewed models' general characteristics in a way that makes them easier to compare.
But there are general characteristics we associate with moderation, including prudence, the humility to recognise limits (including our own), the willingness to balance competing principles and an aversion to fanaticism.

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