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general concept
  • concepto general

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The general concept of a man is a figure of masculinity, courage and strength.
The general concept of prayer does not seem to have any bearing on these qualities.
Things have been slow, "he says," but of late we're seeing more interest in the general concept of traceability.
We have always had reservations about the general concept of non-contextual sensitive data categories.
What's important to note about the general concept of popular music is that it is always changing.
For example, if you're looking for just a general concept, say that explicitly; otherwise, you'll get unnecessary detail.
Spieth was most adamant that "health concerns" for him is a general concept.
The general concept is if one voluntarily on one's free will joins an association, it is assumed it is also one's free will to leave.
Whilst the latest developments may be new, the general concept is not.
While the general concept has been examined, no detailed engineering or designs have been completed.

Context sentences for "general concept" in Spanish

EnglishEffective individual measures cannot replace an integrated general concept.
Medidas singulares efectivas no sustituyen a una concepción global integrada.
EnglishThe Treaty of Amsterdam includes the concept of general interest services.
El Tratado de Amsterdam prevé el concepto de servicios de interés general.
EnglishIt must also be noted that the general concept of agricultural activity has been very broadly defined.
Además hay que señalar que el concepto general de actividad agrícola se ha definido de manera muy amplia.
EnglishThe disadvantage of sustainability is that it is a very general concept that can also lack substance.
El inconveniente de la sostenibilidad es que un concepto muy general que también puede carecer de contenido.
EnglishIn essence it defends what is a general concept of social principles that are part of the European tradition.
En esencia defiende lo que es un concepto general de los principios sociales que forman parte de la tradición europea.
EnglishWe do not object to an idea of information on the basis of which any datum, any contents can be included within this general concept.
Nos oponemos a una idea de la información en cuya virtud cada dato, cada contenido se puede incluir en este concepto genérico.
EnglishThe course will review the risk concept in general, and its current interpretations and applications in the field of cultural heritage.
El curso trata el concepto del riesgo en general y las interpretaciones y aplicaciones actuales en el ámbito del patrimonio cultural.
English(NL) I think Opel Antwerp would have had a future if it had not been for the crisis and the collapse of the whole concept of General Motors.
(NL) Creo que la planta de Opel en Amberes habría tenido un futuro de no ser por la crisis y el hundimiento de todo el concepto de General Motors.
EnglishWe welcome every move towards something practically feasible, and that is another reason why we support General Morillon's concept.
Celebramos todos los pasos que se den en dirección a algo que sea viable en la práctica, y este es otro motivo por el que apoyamos el informe del General Morillon.
EnglishWe have the opportunity of intervening - and the Lenz Report is only one element here - and of achieving equality of opportunity in the general concept.
Tenemos la posibilidad de intervenir -en este punto el Informe Lenz es sólo un ladrillo- para influir de alguna manera en la concepción de la igualdad de oportunidades.
EnglishFor how much longer is the Commission going to leave LEADER at the experimental stage instead of bringing it online as part of the general concept of mainstreaming of rural development?
¿Cuánto tiempo más va a relegar la Comisión al LEADER a la experimentación, en lugar de introducirlo en el concepto general de mainstreaming del desarrollo rural?
EnglishIt is not our role to judge, but nonetheless it is clear from the report that the steps taken by the Russian Federation go far beyond the general concept of necessary defence.
No es nuestro trabajo juzgar, pero, no obstante, está claro en el informe que los pasos dados por parte de la Federación de Rusia van mucho más allá del concepto general de legítima defensa.

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