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general description
  • descripción general

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After a general description of lion, the boy says the animal has hair on which live ticks.
Again, more detail in the form of a general description of what actually happened would be helpful.
Can you give us a general description of your research?
Note disclosures with information about the lease, including a general description of the leasing arrangement.
Once you know the code behind the light, you can search such websites as check-engine-light.com or obd-codes.com to get a general description of the trouble.
Police radio helped establish search perimeters and broadcast a general description of the car, but officers were unable to track it down.
Police said investigators have been able to obtain a general description of the suspect believed to be linked to several of the robberies.
There are currently five wine packages, and you get a general description of what each one contains.
This can be a general description of conducting any legal business activity or it can be restricted to a particular activity.
A general description, however, has been offered in court documents.

Context sentences for "general description" in Spanish

EnglishMoreover, the general description of the area of application that has been given is too vague.
Además, la descripción general del campo de aplicación prevista es demasiado poco vinculante.
EnglishI hope that the solution will not just remain in the form of a general description, but will be of real help in this area.
Confío en que la solución no se limite a una descripción general sino que sea de verdadera ayuda en este ámbito.
EnglishAmendment No 2 concerns the Financial Statement on the budget line for scrapping schemes in inland waterways transport, and the description and general purpose of the measure.
La enmienda nº 2 tiene que ver con el memorándum financiero de la línea presupuestaria para acciones de desguace y transporte por vías interiores, la descripción de la medida y el objetivo general.

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