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I've managed to maintain my general fitness, thanks to working out on a spin bike, running and, of course, plenty of dog walking.
We are also really interested in things such as their early life and their genetics influence obesity and general fitness.
Nearly 90 per cent of participants believed cycling had improved their general fitness, while 52 per cent had seen weight loss.
It's the umbrella for a suite of modern fitness programs and gadgets, including apps for running, biking, and general fitness tracking.
What we need is a term that reflects flexibility as to role without any implied guarantee as to fitness for purpose, or indeed general fitness.
Classes are fun and sociable, but also have the added advantage of helping to maintain general fitness levels.
The mix is also good for your general fitness.
Sessions are divided into strength and conditioning, technical/tactical and general fitness levels.

Context sentences for "general fitness" in Spanish

EnglishThis is conspicuous everywhere in Europe in the shape of a decline in general fitness.
Es palmario en todos los lugares de Europa y se manifiesta en un deterioro del estado de forma general.
EnglishPeople exercise for many different reasons including weight loss, strengthening muscles and for general fitness.
Los pacientes realizan ejercicio por diversas razones como pérdida de peso, fortalecimiento de los músculos y estado físico en general.

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