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Over time, the camera revenue became a bigger and bigger portion of the city's general fund.
The course covers its own expenses without help from the city's general fund.
The general fund is at $34 million for the courts and central government operations.
The general fund is just one of 153 funds we currently have active.
That money will come out of the general fund.
With the additional fees going towards the general fund, that would equate to roughly $290,000 a year.
The combination hospital and medical school continues to operate on state land and collect some general fund from the state budget.
Also, the fund can't borrow money, so it needs regular general fund transfers in order to stay solvent.

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EnglishMobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: General Motors Belgium (
Movilización del Fondo Europeo de Adaptación a la Globalización: General Motors Bélgica (
EnglishFirst of all, I assume the solidarity fund is a general fund.
Antes que nada, doy por supuesto que el fondo de solidaridad es un fondo general.
EnglishIn 2006 we provided EUR 64 million to its General Fund.
En 2006 contribuimos con 64 millones de euros a su Fondo General.
EnglishBut the general fund that has finally been decided on has been agreed with the Committee on Agriculture.
Pero la reserva global que se ha decidido al final ha sido por acuerdo con la Comisión de Agricultura.
EnglishWe support NGOs dealing with poverty and social protection in general from the Progress Fund.
Apoyamos con el Fondo para el Progreso a las ONG que tratan la cuestión de la pobreza y de la protección social en general.
EnglishThat is more or less the same argument I put forward in regard to tax relief and against the fund in general.
El argumento es aproximadamente el mismo que he aplicado en el caso de los incentivos fiscales o también en contra de la creación de un fondo.
EnglishIf you want my opinion, I am in reasonable agreement with the views expressed by the Director General of the Fund, Mr Camdessus, in Hong Kong.
Si me pregunta mi opinión, yo participo bastante de las tesis expuestas por el director general del Fondo, Sr. Camdessus, en Hong Kong.
EnglishThe European Union should also be able to use the general budget to fund the EU's intervention programmes to prevent recidivism for sex offenders.
La UE debería ser capaz de utilizar el presupuesto general para financiar el programa de intervención de la UE para prevenir que los delincuentes sexuales reincidan.
EnglishFurthermore, now as before, I consider it essential that development aid and the European Development Fund in general are integrated into the overall budget.
Asimismo, ahora como antes considero que es esencial que la ayuda al desarrollo y el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo en general se integren en el presupuesto general.
EnglishIt is public knowledge that the Office of the Inspector General of the Global Fund has been conducting enquiries in respect of the use of USD 4.8 billion in 33 countries.
Es de dominio público que la Oficina del inspector general (OIG) del Fondo Mundial está investigando la gestión de 4 800 millones de euros en 33 países.

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