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general impression
  • impresión general

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The general impression is of an area that while not well off, is also at ease.
The general impression is of tiny plasters being applied to a gaping wound.
The general impression is that models should have long hair.
The general impression is that the election is neck and neck.
The general impression is that the government is not moving fast enough.
The general impression is that they are an unsafe mode of transport.
They create a general impression of a strong and meaningful difference in the level of service.
They have a general impression of locales, but they don't have much solid information, and it's hard to compare one to another.
And now there seems to be a general impression that it does some good work but is to an extent dishonest.
There is a general impression that all megalithic monuments have been discovered and described.

Context sentences for "general impression" in Spanish

EnglishThe general impression at present is that anything budget-related within Europe is bad.
Existe ahora la impresión general de que en Europa todo lo relacionado con el presupuesto anda mal.
Englishgeneral impression is that, in fact, its attention was directed rather to
de hecho, su atención se dirigió preferentemente a otras
EnglishI think that contributed a lot to the general impression that this time, Europe actually was speaking with one voice.
En mi opinión, ello contribuyó en gran medida a forjar la impresión general de que, esta vez, Europa sí estaba hablando con una sola voz.
EnglishThe general impression is that European integration, as it stands today, is an end in itself and that it feeds off the negative consequences of its own mistakes.
La impresión general es que la integración europea, tal como está hoy, es un fin en sí misma y se autoalimenta de las consecuencias negativas de sus propios errores.
EnglishThe general impression of the EU, and not least of its Member States, is not that they want to expand the definition of refugees, but on the contrary that they wish to restrict it.
La impresión general que dan la UE y especialmente sus países miembros es que no desean una ampliación del concepto de refugiado, sino, al contrario, una reducción de éste.
EnglishWe received a general impression that things were developing well, what with the multiparty system and the freedom of the press, even if access to television still leaves room for improvement.
Tuvimos la impresión general de una evolución favorable, marcada por el multipartidismo y la libertad de prensa, aunque el acceso a la televisión debe, sin duda, mejorarse.
EnglishSome countries have problems with certain specific aspects, but, in general, I have the impression that it has not been received negatively, but that there is a constructive and positive approach.
Algún país que tiene problemas con algún aspecto concreto, pero, en general, tengo la impresión de que la aceptación no es negativa, sino que hay un planteamiento constructivo y positivo.

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