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general merchandise
  • mercancía general

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Biyani said the home, general merchandise and electronics segments witnessed good business.
Dollarama aims to provide customers with a consistent shopping experience, offering a broad assortment of everyday consumer products, general merchandise and seasonal items.
The shops sell a vast array of general merchandise, including bikes, homewares, clothing and computers, but not food.
While food tends to draw shoppers more frequently to stores, its gross margins can be half those of general merchandise.
It's a bold prediction for a company that, last year, generated $60.9 billion in its "electronic and other general merchandise" segment.
The items included but not limited to jumbo bales of second-hand clothes, used female shoes/bags, used tyres, vegetable oils and other general merchandise.
Chinese medicine, apparel, general merchandise, furniture, cosmetics, fine art and jewellery, food, wine and tea are housed over six floors of the restored building.
This ugly scenario has already caught newspapers three times during the last decade -- with recruitment, general merchandise, and real estate.
Sainsbury's said the enlarged group will provide a "combination of product range, location, speed and flexibility across food, clothing and general merchandise".
Other low hourly wage employees include those working in gas stations ($13.07) and general merchandise retail ($14.07).

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