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general notion
  • noción general

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And certainly, there is a general notion that, while they work very hard for what they have, others, including racial minorities and immigrants, do not.
At a time when there is a general notion that the world is broken, things worked.
It is a general notion that that politicians and elected representatives and better in handling tricky situations.
There is a general notion that today's generation is a happy-go-lucky lot and is not socially inclined.
There seems to be a general notion that we need to build more, but it looks like we might just homogenize the city.
There's a general notion that recycled and upcycled fabrics are not glamorous.
It has defied the general notion that mid and small cap funds tend to fall more in volatile markets.
Most women buy the general notion that many roles are to be donned simultaneously to perfection.
The general notion that innovation begins where tradition ends is off beam.
The general notion that women are not called to be pastors or into church leadership is a wrong and misleading notion.

Context sentences for "general notion" in Spanish

EnglishIn general, I support the notion that technical systems are not neutral.
Por lo general, soy de los que piensa que los sistemas técnicos no son neutrales.
EnglishBy introducing a new article, article 7, the Treaty of Amsterdam ranks this notion of general interest service amongst the common values of Europe.
El Tratado de Amsterdam que introduce el nuevo artículo 7, incluye esta noción de servicios de interés general entre los valores comunes de Europa.
EnglishThe Commission document does not deal with the issue of recognising the notion of general interest services pursuant to Article 90(2) of the Treaty.
El documento de la Comisión no toma en consideración el reconocimiento de la noción de servicios de interés general en el sentido del artículo 90-2 del Tratado.

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