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general observation
  • observación general

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As a general observation, owners should be stingy with equity.
As a general observation, the recording has that crunched or gritty sound that harks back to a pre-digital age.
As a general observation, women will discuss issues more and ask questions about whether there are alternatives, while men are more direct.
But a general observation: typically the queues nearest to the entrance or exit tend to be longer than those further away.
Don't want to make a political statment here, but a general observation.
I think that should and can be challenged, but that's a general observation.
That establishment, as a general observation, is reasonably impressed with itself.
He said that it is a general observation that unforeseen accidents including fires generally occur at such places and buildings which are relatively old, congested and frequented by people.
It is a general observation that in a concert by a duo the voice of one of the singers is a shade more powerful than the other.
It is a general observation that though children tend to succeed at academics, they lack cultural awareness.

Context sentences for "general observation" in Spanish

English(FR) Madam President, I would first like to make a general observation.
(FR) Señora Presidenta, en primer lugar quiero realizar una observación general.
EnglishMr President, ladies and gentlemen, let me first make a small, general observation.
Señor Presidente, Señorías, permítanme antes que nada hacer una breve observación de carácter general.
EnglishMr President, ladies and gentlemen, let me first make a small, general observation.
. (DE) Señor Presidente, Señorías, permítanme antes que nada hacer una breve observación de carácter general.
EnglishI want to make a general observation about small groups. A minute and a half is given to group representatives.
Señorías, quisiera hacer una observación general sobre los grupos pequeños.
EnglishLet me also make another general observation, and I referred to this a couple of times during my hearing.
Permítanme asimismo hacer otra observación general a algo que ya he comentado un par de veces.
EnglishI would conclude with a more general observation: we all eagerly await the 2004 review.
Concluyo con una observación de carácter más general: miremos todos con mucha atención la revisión prevista para 2004.
EnglishI do not dispute Mr Barton's observation in general.
No discuto la observación del Sr. Barton en términos generales.
EnglishI should like to conclude with a general observation.
Quiero concluir con una observación general.
EnglishPerhaps I might begin with the general observation that the report is agreeably presented and is worth reading.
Tal vez debería comenzar con la observación general de que el informe está bien presentado y su lectura merece la pena.
EnglishLet me begin with a general observation.
Permítanme comenzar con una observación general.
EnglishIt is a general political observation.
EnglishThe Commission and Parliament have developed very good working relations in the field of election observation in general.
La Comisión y el Parlamento han desarrollado unas relaciones laborales muy buenas en el campo de la observación de procesos electorales en general.
EnglishFirst, a general observation: the majority of the amendments allow us to improve the proposal and for this reason we can adopt them.
Para empezar, haré una observación general: la mayoría de las enmiendas nos permiten mejorar la propuesta, y por eso podemos aprobarlas.
EnglishI just wonder whether he would like to give me a couple of comments on my questions and a general observation on the preparedness of the UK.
Me gustaría saber si tendría a bien hacerme un par de observaciones sobre mis preguntas y una observación general sobre la preparación del Reino Unido.
EnglishI will merely note as a general observation that it is excellent that there is broad agreement on the proposals and the report otherwise.
Señalaré sencillamente, como observación general, que es estupendo que exista un amplio consenso sobre las propuestas y el informe en estas circunstancias.
EnglishI would like to start by making the general observation that many of the issues highlighted in the report are already being followed up by the Commission.
Quiero comenzar señalando, en términos generales, que la Comisión ya está realizando un seguimiento de muchos de los problemas que señala el informe.
EnglishIn conclusion, I should like to make a general observation about the procedure, which really does give cause for criticism, despite the explanations you have given.
Permítanme que para finalizar haga una observación general sobre el procedimiento. Debe criticarse a pesar de las declaraciones que usted ha realizado.
EnglishOne general observation I would like to make is that not enough efforts are being made by the institutions to present clearer, more accurate and more analytical estimates.
Quisiera hacer un comentario general y es que las instituciones no se esfuerzan lo suficiente por presentar presupuestos más claros, precisos y analíticos.
EnglishMr President, a lot of things have already been said during this debate, but I would like to go back to a general observation and make a few other points about certain amendments.
Señor Presidente, muchas cosas se han dicho ya a lo largo del debate. Pero a mí me gustaría volver sobre una observación general y algunas otras particulares respecto a algunas enmiendas.

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