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general pattern
  • patrón general

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Indeed, to function even moderately well, capitalist markets rely on a general pattern of basic goodwill and honesty of its participants.
It is just one example of a general pattern of reporting on black wealth.
The perpetrator is engaged in a general pattern of control over the victim -- and of punishing any attempts to break it.
There is a general pattern of enthusiasm for acceleration.
They fit into a general pattern of allegations that is common across the country.
They indicated a general pattern of retreat, modulated by a number of factors such as elevation, orientation, size, and location on an east-west gradient.
And by then something more far-fetched and dramatic will have been found to sustain a dozen other shows... that's the general pattern.
The limitation of space does not permit us here to go into the details of such treatment but that is the general pattern.
The recent run of 11 decisions followed the general pattern.
There are exceptions, but that is the general pattern.

Context sentences for "general pattern" in Spanish

EnglishOn this point, Lithuania has adjusted very well to the general pattern of European Union negotiations.
En este punto, Lituania se ha adaptado muy bien a la pauta general de las negociaciones de la Unión Europea.

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