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general principle
  • principio general

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And as a general principle, we are moving away from a set of devices that allow for that.
As a general principle, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements will be enforceable during the term of the employment relationship.
As a general principle, the greater the destruction of existing institutions, the greater will be the violence in re-establishing order.
As a general principle, the robust participation of religious people and institutions in public life is good for this nation.
As a general principle, the width of the eco-sensitive zones could go upt to 10 kms around a protected area.
I think as a general principle, you can just be too puritanical about these things.
The "freedom" bit seemed to embody a general principle.
She did not have exact details but this was "the general principle".
Still, it both proves the feasibility of the concept, and indicates that authorities understand the general principle.
Only those types of issues could be an exception to the general principle that lawyers could only pursue a remedy to grievances in law.

Context sentences for "general principle" in Spanish

EnglishThere is a general principle common to our internal rights: ' electa una via '.
Existe un principio general común a nuestros derechos internos:» electa una via».
EnglishThere is a general principle common to our internal rights: ' electa una via' .
Existe un principio general común a nuestros derechos internos: »electa una via» .
EnglishBut, as a Parliament, must adopt this as our general principle for the future.
Pero este Parlamento debe adoptarlo como nuestro principio general para el futuro.
EnglishI want to raise the question of the general principle behind this initiative.
Quisiera plantear la cuestión del principio general en que se basa esta iniciativa.
EnglishThis is an (unjustified) inversion of the general principle applying to taxation.
Esta es una inversión (injustificada) del principio general aplicable a la imposición.
EnglishHowever, I will not vote in favour of this report for reasons of general principle.
No obstante, no voy a votar a favor de este informe por razones de principio en general.
EnglishThe protocol to the Amsterdam Treaty establishes a general principle.
En el protocolo anexo al Tratado de Amsterdam se establece un principio general.
EnglishThere is, of course, room for defensible exceptions to the general principle.
Sin embargo, es evidente que este principio general admite excepciones plenamente justificadas.
EnglishHowever, general principle policies do tend to fail in practice.
No obstante, las políticas de principios generales normalmente fracasan en la práctica.
EnglishThe first is devoted to the general principle of the equality of all persons under the law.
El primero consagra el principio general de la igualdad de derechos para todas las personas.
EnglishGeneral acceptance of the principle of competition is therefore a tremendous cultural achievement.
El triunfo del principio de la competencia es, por lo tanto, un enorme logro cultural.
EnglishThis is a general principle, which we can only support.
Se trata en este caso de un principio general que no podemos más que suscribir.
EnglishI would now like to outline my third and last general principle.
Ahora quisiera perfilar mi tercer y último principio general.
EnglishAs a general principle, this is a very bad way to proceed.
Como principio general, esta es una muy mala manera de proceder.
EnglishAll legislation must be enforceable and be based on the general principle of political acceptance.
Toda legislación debe poder cumplirse y estar basada en el principio general de aceptación política.
EnglishGender mainstreaming is a general principle in all actions in our strategy paper.
La integración de la perspectiva de género es un principio general en todas las acciones de nuestro documento de estrategia.
EnglishAs a general principle, the strengthening of the EU's role in multilateral frameworks has been approved.
Como principio general, se ha aprobado el fortalecimiento del papel de la UE en marcos multilaterales.
EnglishAs a general principle, the country where you will work will be responsible for your benefits coverage.
La norma general es que el país donde vas a trabajar es el responsable de la cobertura de las prestaciones.
English. - I support the general principle of this report as an Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.
por escrito. - Apoyo el principio general de este informe como un Plan de acción para la eficiencia energética.
EnglishIndeed, not everyone benefits from the general principle of equality of treatment in access to employment.
De hecho, no todo el mundo se beneficia del principio de igualdad de trato a la hora de acceder al empleo.

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