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general proposition
  • propuesta general
  • proposición general

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As a general proposition, liability for injuries sustained by an entrant on commercial premises will primarily rest on a tenant-occupier, rather than the landlord.
As a general proposition, sensitive and difficult issues of minority rights are not best resolved by polling or by public outcries.
As a general proposition, very serious offences demand very strong grounds of appeal before bail will be considered.
As a general proposition, we're moving into a higher degree of litigation and the class action mechanism is a facilitator of that.
But as a general proposition, it's just not an acceptable practice.
He did not believe black citizenship would work as a general proposition.
Indisputably, ignorance of law often exists in reality though, as a general proposition, it is true that knowledge of law must be imputed to every person.
No newspaperman wakes up without being conscious that advertising, as a general proposition, is in a great deal of peril.
There is no value in the pernicious notion that either working moms or stay-at-home moms are "better," for that term makes no sense as a general proposition.

Context sentences for "general proposition" in Spanish

EnglishThe general proposition only, without the details, should be put to the Council.
Se debe presentar al Consejo la propuesta general sin los detalles.

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