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general provision
  • disposición general

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Article 21 which encompasses the aspect of right to life is a general provision.
Some companies then also make a general provision, to cover as yet unknown bad debts.
The other is a general provision, which is an overall cushion against loans that may, even in the ordinary course of business, come under stress.
There are over 50 percent who want to replace the offence in the constitution with a new general provision to include incitement of religious hatred.
Food stands and a general provision for consumables has been catered for as reputable vendors within the country try to outbid one another to be a part of the evening.
General provision is created when a bank sets aside some money on a loan it has given to provide for expected future loss.
General provision is included as part of the capital provided so that no diminution in asset value has taken place.
One is the view that everyone has basic needs, and those needs can often be supplied more simply and effectively through general provision to everyone....

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EnglishFinally, we are opposed to the general provision of information to neighbours advocated by Mrs Breyer in her report.
Por último, nos oponemos a la disposición general de informar a los vecinos defendida por la señora Breyer en su informe.
EnglishArticle 152 is a general provision which does not exclude the possible need for specific measures with social consequences.
El artículo 152 es una disposición general que no excluye la posible necesidad de medidas específicas con consecuencias sociales.
EnglishAs far as Amendment No 1 is concerned, the Commission takes the view that a general provision, in the form of a code of conduct, exists already.
En lo que respecta a la enmienda 1, la Comisión considera que ya existe una disposición general que reviste la forma de código de conducta.
EnglishIt is a general provision that does not specifically deal with prohibition measures precisely for those found guilty of sex acts involving children.
Se trata de una disposición general que no trata de manera específica medidas de inhabilitación precisamente para los culpables de actos sexuales que implican a niños.
EnglishThirdly, the GATS negotiations, which will lead to massive rounds of liberalisation in areas of general-interest service provision that have so far been spared them, must be halted.
Voy a hacer una predicción: el balance no será muy positivo, ya se trate en cuanto a la calidad, la seguridad de suministro o la estabilidad de precios.
EnglishThe aim of this review is to compare the efficiency of sedation versus general anaesthesia for the provision of dental treatment for children and adolescents under 18 years.
El propósito de esta revisión es comparar la eficiencia de la sedación versus la anestesia general durante el tratamiento dental en niños y adolescentes menores de 18 años.
EnglishI would therefore favour, as an alternative to this amendment, a general provision providing and establishing that Parliament will be kept informed about the activities of the committee.
Así, pues, como opción substitutoria de esta enmienda, yo sería partidario, de una disposición general que establezca que se mantendrá informado al Parlamento sobre las actividades del comité.
EnglishFirstly, the agreement lays down a general provision protecting a large number of public services, specifically services which are provided on neither a commercial nor a competitive basis.
En primer lugar, el acuerdo establece una disposición general que protege un gran número de servicios públicos, concretamente servicios que no se proporcionan sobre una base comercial ni competitiva.

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