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It wouldn't be a general-purpose computer, but optimization is enormously valuable.
When votes are recorded by a general-purpose computer, voters need to trust the software running on the computer.
He knew that in order to make it a true general-purpose computer, it would need to inspire programmers who could coax various tasks out of the hardware.
However, some of that advantage disappears when a general-purpose computer runs code that simulates quantum computing.
The device is controlled from space by astronauts, via the general-purpose computer.
But there are reasons to prefer a phone as a portable communications tool instead of a compulsive, general-purpose computer.
This compact, 24-bit general-purpose computer was designed for aviation and navigation.
General-purpose computer processors, such as the ones in your laptop or smartphone, achieve remarkable performance on a wide range of tasks, but are not good enough for motion planning.
Mauchly also had the inclination to work with teams filled with varied talents to develop what came to be known as the first electronic general-purpose computer.

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