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general recommendation
  • Recomendación general

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The general recommendation is empowerment of the excluded by strengthening their capacity to participate on more equitable terms in a market economy and democratic polity.
The general recommendation is six confirmations (one per block), but in practice, the number of transactions required by a party is variable.
The general recommendation is the frozen milk will keep for 3 months.
The general recommendation for eight 8 oz glasses of water per day converts to about 1.9 liters.
The general recommendation for fluids: 91 ounces a day for women and 125 for men.
The general recommendation for good health and fitness for adults is to get a minimum of 30 minutes daily exercise.
Beyond the general recommendation of a teaspoon of tea to a cup, making adjustments suited to how you like your tea is important.

Context sentences for "general recommendation" in Spanish

EnglishWe should like to see a clearer general recommendation concerning the abolition of the death penalty.
Nos gustaría que se hiciese una recomendación general más contundente sobre la abolición de la pena de muerte.
EnglishThe second point on which we have reservations is more general: it is the recommendation that the fight against money laundering should be seen as the priority.
El segundo punto respecto al que manifestamos nuestra reserva es de carácter más general y es aquel en virtud del cual la prioridad debe ser la lucha contra el blanqueo de dinero.
EnglishThe Commission is satisfied with the UN Secretary-General’ s recent recommendation and its subsequent endorsement by the Security Council that says talks on Kosovo’ s future status should go ahead.
En ese documento esbozaremos la forma en que facilitaremos este proceso con recursos financieros adecuados, tema en el que la Comisión desearía colaborar estrechamente con el Parlamento.
EnglishWhere there were benefits, they were small and would not support a general recommendation for the use of ipratropium bromide or a combination with beta-2 agonist over a beta-2 agonist alone in COPD.
Cuando hubo beneficios fueron pequeños y no apoyan una recomendación general del uso del bromuro de ipratropio o de su combinación con un agonista beta2 sobre un agonista beta2 solo en la EPOC.

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