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general report
  • informe general

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A department inspector general report found that she had been overpaid by thousands of taxpayer dollars, findings that are now being reviewed.
That year a state agency inspector general report found there was political favoritism in the order that people got services.
The group points to a 2011 surgeon general report that stated many clinicians are inadequately trained in breast-feeding.
This was pointed out in a recent comptroller and auditor general report.
In the general report, the "detection deficit" -- the relative time it takes to detect a breach -- is 45 percent, compared to just 10 percent for healthcare organizations.
The inspector general report was released as part of the 2010 intelligence authorization act.
Americans in general report less stress and increased joy.
The inspector general report didn't examine the agency's level of transparency.
And every corporate world, even the most corrupt, has "values" printed on its annual general report.
He had made a report on police modernisation earlier for another state and it is a general report which can be implemented in any state.

Context sentences for "general report" in Spanish

EnglishIn general the report contains many views as to how equality is to be achieved.
El informe contiene, en general, muchas opiniones acerca de cómo lograr la igualdad.
EnglishI agree with the general philosophy of her report and with the proposals it contains.
Me sumo a la filosofía general de este informe y a las propuestas que contiene.
EnglishGeneral Morillon's creditable report therefore comes at a very good time.
Por lo tanto, el encomiable informe del General Morillon llega en muy buen momento.
EnglishI welcome the general thrust of this report and, accordingly, voted in favour.
Celebro el empuje general que supone este informe, así que voto a favor.
English. - We support the general thrust of the report on the Health Check on the CAP.
por escrito. - Apoyamos el tono general del informe sobre el "chequeo" de la PAC.
EnglishWe can support many of the proposals in the Secretary-General’s report.
Podemos respaldar muchas de las propuestas del informe del Secretario General.
EnglishIn general, the Deß report is more positive than the Commission proposal.
En general, el informe Deß es más positivo que la propuesta de la Comisión.
EnglishI am voting in favour of the proposals contained in this report in general.
He votado a favor de las propuestas incluidas en este informe en general.
English   We support the report’s general purpose: that of liberalising international trade.
   Apoyamos el propósito general del informe: la liberalización del comercio internacional.
EnglishCourt of Auditors ' annual report and general budget activities
Informe anual del Tribunal de Cuentas y actividades del presupuesto general
EnglishCourt of Auditors' annual report and general budget activities
Informe anual del Tribunal de Cuentas y actividades del presupuesto general
EnglishNow you can find all the answers in the 2012 General Report.
Las respuestas a todas estas preguntas se encuentran en el Informe General de 2012.
EnglishThe Director-General shall report to each regular meeting of the TNC and the General Council.
El Director General rendirá informe a cada reunión ordinaria del CNC y del Consejo General.
EnglishThe General Council shall report on its work in this regard to our next Session.
El Consejo General rendirá informe a nuestro próximo período de sesiones sobre su labor a este respecto.
EnglishUnfortunately, the report's general conclusion is unsatisfactory.
Por desgracia, la conclusión general del informe no es satisfactoria.
EnglishThis information obviously does not change the philosophy and general thrust of the report.
Estos datos, por supuesto, no alteran ni la filosofía ni la orientación general de este informe.
English. - In general, this report is good and well balanced.
por escrito. - En general, este informe es bueno y bien equilibrado.
EnglishI would like to affirm my Group’s general support for his report and for the Commission’s proposal.
Quiero expresar el apoyo general de mi Grupo a su informe y a la propuesta de la Comisión.
EnglishMr President, I welcome the report on general arrangements for excise duty.
Señor Presidente, acojo positivamente el informe relativo al régimen general de los impuestos especiales.
EnglishWe instruct the General Council to report further to our next Session.
Encomendamos al Consejo General que presente un nuevo informe a nuestro próximo período de sesiones.