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general sentiment
  • sentimiento general

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That said, the general sentiment is still one of optimism.
The general sentiment is that 2017 could be a challenging year, but certainly not a disaster.
The general sentiment is that not every faculty member can live up to higher benchmarks.
The general sentiment is that tuition is better than school lessons.
The interest rates continue to rule high and the general sentiment is subdued.
Around late morning aid convoys came snaking into the city, although the general sentiment was that they are still too few.
Even going back 10 years ago, when the general sentiment was that people didn't care where stuff was made.
Do you find that to be the general sentiment there toward communism?
The general sentiment on the streets is that fans would have preferred the two nations to meet in the final instead of the semis.
The general sentiment from residents was that they would like to see residential development in the area, not industry.

Context sentences for "general sentiment" in Spanish

EnglishThe general sentiment seems to be in favour of overriding the Rules of Procedure and it is my great pleasure to give the floor to Mr Hernández Mollar.
El sentimiento general parece ser favorable a que prescindamos del Reglamento y es un placer para mí concederle el uso de la palabra al Sr. Hernández Mollar.

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