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general topic
  • tema general

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If you aren't interested in the technology, or the general topic of cryptocurrencies, my recommendation is to stay away.
Sad to say, the general topic of nutrition -- irrespective of any particular brand of nutrition -- is almost never taught in medical schools and receives only meager funding from federal agencies.
She takes the general topic of voice and breaks it down into not only tone but also character, language, and purpose.
He asked a group of psychology professors to paraphrase one of two possible passages: a complex, technical one, or a more comprehensible passage on a general topic.
So if you open it up as a more of a general topic, you can discuss it without maybe an apology even coming up.
When it comes to news, even about a similar general topic, we tend to devote more attention to certain incidents than others.
But the more general topic of cyber warfare was an interesting topic that we felt would only become more relevant over time.
Each trending topic will feature a headline from a publisher, not just a general topic name.
To add variety, three of them would get one question on a subject, then the remaining three would be asked a different question, but about the same general topic.
Categories referenced parts of speech (pronouns, prepositions, verbs), general topic (work, school, family) or emotional response (happy, sad, angry).

Context sentences for "general topic" in Spanish

EnglishThis, however, is a general topic which has received the general support of the citizens.
Éste es precisamente un tema de carácter general que ha merecido la aprobación de los ciudadanos.
EnglishAlways within the framework of the general topic: The management of cultural heritage and the local development.
Encuadrados siempre en el tema general: La gestión del patrimonio cultural y el desarrollo local.
EnglishThis is not now aimed solely at the Spanish Presidency; it is a topic of general relevance to the reform of the Council.
Mi observación no se refiere sólo a la Presidencia española, sino que lo planteo como un tema general con vistas a la reforma del Consejo.
EnglishThe ins and outs of food supply and the food supply chain in general is a topic which is relevant to both farmers and consumers alike.
Los detalles prácticos del suministro de alimentos y la cadena de suministro de alimentos en general es una cuestión que preocupa a agricultores y consumidores por igual.
EnglishIn connection with the general topic of this debate (visas), I would like to talk about two issues which are specific, but, in my opinion, of the highest importance.
En relación con el tema general de este debate (los visados), quisiera hablar de dos cuestiones que son específicas pero, en mi opinión, muy importantes.

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