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general warned
  • advertencia general
  • general advirtió

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In the report, the auditor general warned that because the person more qualified for the position was not appointed, it could be "non-compliance with the recruitment policy".
The auditor general warned that if you don't get spending under control you're going to crowd out the services that families need, and that's exactly what's happening.
The auditor general warned that the weak system of internal controls over the pension payment process may foster irregular activities.
Has the surgeon general warned about this place?
At least a half-dozen gas stations were reportedly out of fuel, and the state's attorney general warned stations against price gouging.
But "the agency has to be ready to deal with the increased workload in this area," the auditor general warned.
The auditor general warned for years that the government was headed for trouble if it didn't modernize aging technology.

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