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general warning
  • advertencia general

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Detail around whether a property is vulnerable to erosion or inundation would be replaced with a general warning.
Other board chairs spoken to were surprised the problem escalated to the point of a general warning.
Health officials warned against eating any sprouts and kept up a general warning for tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces.
Major collision investigation detectives were called to the scene, and police have issued a general warning for drivers to exercise caution.
Search for someone to arrest for providing the pills and then issue a general warning telling people not use any drugs as they don't know what is in them.
This is a general warning to patients that 90% of those products we randomly picked have clinically significant amounts of thyroid hormone.
The revised product information, which includes a general warning about the small possibility of a severe allergic reaction, will also apply to lozenges containing ambroxol for treating sore throats.
A general warning that many of these songs have explicit lyrics.

Context sentences for "general warning" in Spanish

EnglishHaving given this general warning, I give the floor to the Commissioner.
Después de esta advertencia general, tiene la palabra el Sr. Comisario.
EnglishI would like to issue a general warning to anyone intending to cut agricultural funding.
Quisiera lanzar una advertencia general a quienes pretendan recortar el presupuesto agrícola.
EnglishHowever, the most important part of the entire communication is the general warning that nobody in a position of political responsibility can consider themselves exempt from this general concern.
Pero lo más importante de toda la comunicación es esta llamada de atención general para que ningún responsable político pueda sentirse ajeno a esta preocupación general.

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