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generalized statement
  • declaración generalizada

Context sentences for "generalized statement" in English

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Everyone, teh author, and all those commenting should not make generalized statements.
Such people repeatedly bring up certain concepts and make generalized statements, she said.
I meant it as a generalized statement and of course am not saying that all black people are like this.
Generalized statements are merely personal opinions which mean nothing.
It was not a generalized statement made for all teachers in the tertiary institutions; but strictly made in respect of the colleges of education.
To blame all refugees for the crimes of a handful is again making a very sweeping, extremely generalized statement.
It's difficult to discuss this game without giving broad and generalized statements about the type of game it is.
This is too wide available and generalized statement.
This is not a prophecy but a generalized statement.
Rather than giving generalized statements kindly talk with some logic.