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generally accessible
  • de acceso general
  • generalmente accesible

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Copper warehouses are still generally accessible.
Records are generally accessible through a paid subscription, but many are free to browse.
The protocol requirements have been trimmed, and he is generally accessible, but has fewer visitors because he is not known to dish out undue favours.
Less than 30% of low-income countries have generally accessible diagnosis and treatment services, and referral systems for suspected cancer are often unavailable resulting in delayed and fragmented care.
These intriguing phases, generally accessible...
He was famous for anchoring his economic policy on a generally accessible, top-class public education system.
That's especially true for those activities that have a quality of aesthetic complexity we associate with the term "art", as against those more generally accessible we think of as "entertainment".
It can be built with relatively modest sums and is best for longer-term savings as the principal is generally accessible only at maturity.
These intriguing phases, generally accessible at very low temperature, exhibit unique conductivity properties which are particularly robust against external perturbations, suggesting promising technological applications.
Technically speaking it's a generally accessible universal nomadic tactile low-power electronic typist.

Context sentences for "generally accessible" in Spanish

EnglishWe must require both public service and commercial broadcasting to be generally accessible and affordable.
Nuestro criterio ha de ser: acceso general y asequibilidad, y ello puede aplicarse tanto a la televisión pública como a la comercial.
EnglishIn social terms it could almost be described as a revolution, one in which participation in knowledge is made generally accessible.
Desde el punto de vista sociológico se trata casi de una revolución, de una democratización de la participación en el conocimiento.
EnglishFor information to be generally accessible, it goes without saying that the marginal costs of reproduction and distribution can be passed on.
Para que la información sea accesible en general, no hace falta decir que los costes marginales de reproducción y distribución pueden hacerse repercutir.
EnglishFurthermore, the advertising of all generally accessible documents, including those relating to judicial and administrative procedures, must reach the public sector.
Asimismo, la publicidad de todos los documentos accesibles con carácter general, incluidos aquéllos ligados a las vías judiciales y administrativas, debe llegar al sector público.

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