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generally accurate
  • en general precisa
  • generalmente preciso

Context sentences for "generally accurate" in English

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The media reports of how the study was carried out were generally accurate.
The reports in the media were generally accurate.
The reports on this research throughout the media were generally accurate.
The rest of the newspaper reports were generally accurate.
Coverage in the media was generally accurate, although there was little reporting of the study's limitations.
Orchestral playing was generally accurate, but lacking in the necessary element of musical indulgence which allows phrases (and singers) to take their time and have their space.
The news coverage of this study was generally accurate, although it tended to overstate the importance of such a small study which only involved 33 middle-aged men.
Although current approaches to screening for the disease are generally accurate, they can be costly and onerous because they involve blood draws and fasting for lengthy periods of time.
Although the newspaper articles are generally accurate, the headlines may give the wrong impression that current guidance for parents is incorrect or has been changed.

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