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generally consistent with
  • generalmente consistente con

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The observed rates of sinking, otherwise known as subsidence, were generally consistent with, but somewhat higher than, previous studies conducted using different radar data.
The safety and tolerability findings for benralizumab were generally consistent with those reported in previous trials.
All three submissions are generally consistent with our most recent discussions with public officials and task forces.
The colors and other morphological characteristics of ultra-luminous galaxies are generally consistent with this interpretation.
These movements are generally consistent with observed ocean currents in the area.
A ratio between 40 percent and 60 percent is generally consistent with a balanced market.
He added that the decline in infant baptisms worldwide is generally consistent with the decline in the fertility rate.
Other complaints range from slow migration process to slower time of connection and drop calls, generally consistent with telecommunications services in the country.

Context sentences for "generally consistent with" in Spanish

EnglishDespite this, the 14 studies included in this review, have presented generally consistent results.
A pesar de este hecho, los 14 estudios incluidos en esta revisión presentaron resultados generalmente consistentes.

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