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generally mild
  • generalmente leve

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Although characters do use sarcasm and sometimes insult each other (whether joking or not), the exchanges are generally mild.
Although these symptoms are common, the majority of cases are generally mild.
Side effects, such as pain and redness at the site of injection, are generally mild.
Australian chevon is generally mild, with a firmer muscle texture than capretto.
Dog flu is generally mild, but, as with human flu, it can lead to serious illness, including pneumonia.
On this side of the pond, the zap kids get from sticking something into an outlet is generally mild -- and instructive.
While the skin disease is generally mild, the ocular complications can be very severe.
No deaths were reported and the symptoms were generally mild, with horses making a full recovery.
The side effects, however, were generally mild -- headache, fatigue and muscle pain.

Context sentences for "generally mild" in Spanish

EnglishAssociated adverse events were generally of mild to moderate severity and rarely led to withdrawal.
En general, la gravedad de los eventos adversos asociados fue de leve a moderada y excepcionalmente motivó el retiro.
EnglishSide effects were generally similar and mostly mild.
La menorragia es un problema de salud significativo en las mujeres premenopáusicas que puede reducir la calidad de vida y causar anemia.
EnglishRemoving the sheath and the firm pressure required to control bleeding can cause pain, although this is generally mild.
La extracción de la vaina y la presión firme requerida para controlar la hemorragia pueden causar dolor, aunque generalmente éste es leve.

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