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generally reluctant to
  • generalmente reacios a

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Consumers are generally reluctant to share personal information with retailers, and when they do share information, they want to initiate contact.
Courts are generally reluctant to decide on the substantive merit of a specific policy and mostly confine their reviews to administrative decisions rather than considering the policies themselves.
Courts are generally reluctant to impose new duties of care on public authorities, and this is particularly so in the case of the police.
Disruptive technologies act more rapidly in other sectors but due to the trust created over decades by the banks the customers are generally reluctant to change financial service providers.
Further, many women fail to get the most mileage out of the money they do earn because they are generally reluctant to take control of their finances.
However, labour courts are generally reluctant to rule in favour of employees on this basis.
Influence score providers are generally reluctant to share this information in detail as their scoring algorithm is one of the few differentiators they have from competitors.
Manitobans are generally reluctant to leave the province.
People are generally reluctant to dispute parking fines because they do not know what to look for.

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